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Mattress Protector

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Mattress Protection at Furniture Mecca

Investing in your sleep can be expensive with a good mattress. That’s why it’s important to get a protector. With premium designs, materials and technology, Furniture Mecca makes it easy to find the perfect mattress protector that meets all your needs.

Can I Wash My Mattress Protector?
It’s important to keep your mattress protector clean so your mattress doesn’t get dirty. You can wash your mattress protector with your bed sheets and comforter. We suggest washing with mild, chlorine-free detergent and using the gentle cycle to maintain the fabric. Tumble-dry the cover on low heat or air dry to prevent any damage.

Should I Get a Mattress Protector?
Protectors make sure allergens from your bed pillows and linens don’t get into the mattress. Some even have different features that can prolong the life of your mattress. A waterproof mattress protector could be a great option for children. If you’re worried about pests, a bed bug mattress protector could be something to consider. This feature is especially helpful for renters and people who travel.

How Long Will My Mattress Protector Last?
Depending on how often you clean your mattress protector and the kind of mattress protectorion you invest in, you will need to replace it about every seven years. However, always check your mattress protector for a warranty since this time frame will help you gauge how durable the materials are and how confident the manufacturer is with their work.

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